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Friday, January 4, 2008

Protecting Yourself against Welfare Fraud

Seemingly, Social Security programs have been very dependable in providing proper assistance to those workers who are in need of financial aid due to their disability, retirement, poor health conditions and even their inability to sustain a decent living. Indeed, a number of these beneficiaries who succeeded in filing their insurance application with the Social Security Administration obtain greater part of their financial requirements from their monthly Social Security checks.

However, because of some deficiencies in the SSA’s system of implementing their operations, several instances of welfare fraud are being reported. With these criminal offenses, the government and even the lawful Social Security beneficiaries are losing millions or even billions of dollars.

Apparently, the frequent complaints being raised by numerous individuals regarding Social Security fraud creates a major concern for the government. Thus, the SSA has been formulating and implementing sufficient welfare fraud protection measures in order to resolve this issue or at least lessen the incidents of these deceitful practices. These measures include:

  • Computerization of their system to accurately and quickly retrieve records and information
  • The enactment of various laws such as the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which reinforced welfare fraud protection
  • The removal of Social Security Numbers in handing over the beneficiaries’ checks and on their other parcels including their annual Social Security Statements
Welfare fraud cases are not that easy to track. Lately, those identity thieves use modern technologies to perform their illegal acts. It is then for the people to be careful and vigilant in protecting their own Social Security identities to avoid being victimized.

Further yet, if a person have noticed any discrepancies in his Social Security account, he should immediately report the incident with the SSA for proper adjustment or action. It will also be helpful to appoint a Social Security attorney to handle this case.