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Friday, October 28, 2011

Adult – Baby Still Eligible for Social Disability Claims Despite Senator’s Complaint

After watching a childish man designing and doing some adult – sized infant furniture in an international TV show, US Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma ordered the Social Security Administration to conduct an investigation regarding the social disability case of the immature 30 – year old man, Stanley Thornton.

The Senator’s spokesperson said the Senator is surprised to know that the federal government is continuously sending social disability checks to the childish man who is capable of designing and building adult sized infant furniture.

Stanley Thornton is living as an immature man in Redding, California. At age 30, he still wears diapers, spoon – fed and dressed and pampered as a baby by his house mates. He was once featured at the National Geographic Channel building furniture - like oversized high chairs where he was seen by the senator.

As a prompt response to the senator’s complaint, the Social Security Administration said that they have recently reviewed Thornton’s case and found out that his disabilities is continuing, therefore he is still eligible for his social security disability claim.

In an essay written by Thornton, he cited that his social security benefits are established on his range of condition – beginning from post – traumatic to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to spinal problems and to depression and not on his babyish lifestyle.

Having such a lifestyle and both mentally and physically incapable of doing anything might be very distressful. Apparently, people with such kind of condition don’t want those things to happen in their life, but it does. Perhaps, if they only have a choice, they would still want to live a normal life even without those social security benefits and the likes.

After a series of investigations, the Social Security Administration eventually closed Thornton’s case and decided to allow Thornton would to continue receiving social security disability check from the federal government.