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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Las Vegas Man Faces 2 – Years Imprisonment for Stealing Disability Benefits

A 58 – year old Las Vegas male resident was sentenced with two – year imprisonment after the Social Security Administration discovered that he was one of the non–deserving frauds receiving disability benefits.

On October 2011, Nelson Vazquez pleaded guilty to one count of theft on government funds causing the US District Judge, Larry Hicks to penalize him with a couple of years behind bars. The court also ordered Vazquez to pay restitution to the Social Security Administration.

Vazquez was expected to voluntary report to the federal prison by March 12, 2012.

Based on the court papers, Vazquez has been receiving Disability Benefits since 1976 until May, 2000 when the agency terminated it after he had been employed and was able to work again.

Vazquez disability benefits were reinstated on December 2003 after his disability purportedly came back. However, this cannot be hidden forever. Recently, the Social Security Administration discovered that Vazquez was handling a Las Vegas accounting firm – the Vazquez & Associates while receiving the disability until 2010.

Part of the Social Security Administration’s major programs is to help qualified disabled individuals. People with disabilities are entitled to receive certain benefits depending on the eligibility and need. However, it does not necessarily mean that once qualified for the disability benefits, all are guaranteed with a lifetime security. Once in a while, the agency is conducting a review on the disability benefit claimants whether a claimant is still eligible for the benefits or not.

In Vazquez’ case he was caught in the act by the agency. This is the reason why he has to face charges. Maybe even with the legal advice, like from Los Angeles social security disability lawyers, he still wouldn’t win his cases since he was caught red handed by the agency.