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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Backlogs and Delay in Welfare Benefits

For most people, especially retired employees and senior citizens, disability welfare benefits are a reliable source of income. Hence, a delay in the delivery of services by federal agencies would also mean something like an interruption in their daily living.

As I read the article, “Good Luck Getting Disability Benefits in Kansas”, posted on October 29, several things crossed my mind. The article talks about Kansas as being ‘the worst state in the nation for getting your social security disability claims and welfare benefits’. According to the article, which was based on a magazine report, about 15,000 people are waiting for approval of their claims and the waiting game takes as long as 17 months to be resolved.

To add insult to injury, the article says, the Social Security Administration even planned to implement a pilot program that would give its employees a day off to focus and work on the backlogs. Rep. Nancy Boyda quickly blocked the proposal, reports said.

On the matter of receiving disability welfare benefits, I find no reason why delays in the delivery of benefits happen. Other than what I see as the faults of claimants - like incomplete documents, failure to meet deadline, inaccurate information submitted, etc. - the flow of delivery must go unhampered. I think what is more disappointing to most claimants is not the denial of their claims but having to wait for the delayed delivery of a decision. To think that disability welfare benefits are managed by the state makes it all improbable to think that a delay can happen.

Delays due to errors made by the claimants themselves are often understandable. Some individuals file their claims on their own; others are assisted by their disability lawyers. Now to make sure that no untoward delay will happen to your claim, it would be best to consult the nearest social security office in your area before filing a claim. Otherwise, you have to consult with a disability lawyer to enlighten you on the matter.