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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

“Why A Disability Insurance Is Important”

I read this article with bothersome feeling about being disabled when I reach a certain age. On the contrary, the article, ”Disability Insurance May Be Vital”, posted August 17 presents an alternative way how to anticipate problems when disability arises at certain age.

The article also gives important facts and information on how to deal with disability and the importance of having social security disability insurance. Here are some of the highlights to be remembered:

  • Privately purchased plans provide higher coverage of about 70 percent than plans provided by employers, which has only, covers 60 to 66 percent of the worker’s salary.
  • Long term disability plans provided by employers will not allow you to contribute to your pension plan.
  • Forty three percent of Americans who are forty years and older will experience a medical situation that will prevent them from work for a period of three months or longer. In this way, a disability insurance is important.
These are only some of the important points in the article, which generally make up an impression that long-term disability plans differ in every case and could be very tricky to claimants.

Despite this, the article provides an enlightened view of how social security disability insurance can help individuals who became disabled when they reach a certain age.

Social security disability insurance is a source of income for many individuals, especially the disabled. In general, nearly every member of society, including relatives of the deceased and the senior citizens, enjoys social security benefits.