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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Disability Lawyer: Required or Not?

I have written in my previous blog that a disability lawyer is not required when applying for Social Security benefits.

Do not get me wrong it does not mean though that the services of a disability lawyer are no longer required in all cases and at all times. Of course, it is a case-to-case basis.

At the initial stage, a claimant may opt to claim by himself. But when the claim is denied it would be advisable to seek professional legal help.

A disability lawyer could pin point what information you failed to disclose or documents you failed to submit and could make the necessary requirement in the information or documents to suit your claim.

Usually, an applicant whose claim was denied would file a new claim. They somehow had the notion that filing a new claim is better than filing a timely appeal.

Well, the thing is once a claim is denied and a new claim is filed, chances are it would be denied again. No wonder some claimants have been denied as many times as they are filing their SSD or SSI cases.

Although to some the services of a disability lawyers at the initial stage are an option, certain claimants may benefit from their representation.

Claimants suffering from memory deficiency or physical impairment have the most need for their services, especially in going to scheduled consultative exams, returning forms and filing disability appeal.

Legal representation is a brilliant idea in these instances. Claimants should consider it to avoid further delay and denial of claims.