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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hiring the Best Social Security Attorney for Your Claim

Social Security representatives are supposed to be experts in the field of handling Social Security applications. From evaluating your case to filing an appeal after a case denial, an experienced advocate has the capability of providing the things you need to come up with a good turn out. Because of their wide knowledge of the laws and procedures, you should not have to worry much of your application.

The aforementioned statement is true but definitely not in all cases… While a great number of Social Security experts in U.S. are able to comply with their duties to their clients, some still fail to abide by the standards of the profession. Many representatives may still bring potential damages in handling Social Security claims.

Therefore, you must be careful in appointing the best representative to assist and guide throughout the process of filing. These tips may be helpful in choosing the right one for you:

  • Make sure that your representative has long years of experience in handling Social Security claims
  • Check his records of successful cases
  • Determine if he has undergone a formal study and skills training as regards to Social Security
  • Before hiring a representative, ask him about his manner of charging fees. It is be better if he is providing his services on a contingent basis. This means that he will only receive a fraction of your benefits if the SSA already granted your petition.
  • Examine his background. Ask the SSA if your representative is qualified to provide you his assistance and if he has no pending legal cases.
Most representatives are former SSA employees or any person who has wide knowledge of the system. However, most claimants prefer appointing Social Security attorney services. This is because of the fact that lawyers have undergone stricter and more extensive study about the matters involving Social Security.

So to prevent worries in hiring an incompetent representative, better settle for a Social Security lawyer in filing your claim.