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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lawmakers Calls on Obama to Ease Backlog of Veterans’ Disability Benefits

In the past several years, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been flooded with permanent disability complaints, creating tons of backlogs.

Therefore, in an aim to ease backlogs of disability benefit claims filed by veterans, a group of several lawmakers with military background asked President Barack Obama to take a step forward to improve backlogs on disability benefit claims at the VA.

A bipartisan group of 26 legislators sent a letter the U.S. president expressing their concerns regarding the present situation at the VA. The concerned congressmen noted that so far, 900,000 claims have yet to be processed and 69 percent of them have been waiting for over 125 days or approximately four and a half months. In fact, the average waiting time for a claim to be completed at present is 286 days, according to the VA itself.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles permanent disability lawyer quoted several lines of the letter sent to the current administration:

“The VA is clearly on the wrong track.. Mr. President, we know you care deeply for America’s veterans, but it is important for you — as Commander in Chief — to publicly acknowledge the problems within VA and the necessity for reforms and leadership that are capable of alleviating the claims backlog and improving the benefit delivery system.”

“We urge you to take a strong position in support of America’s veterans and use your influence and authority to enfure VA fulfills its duty and obligation to those who have served and sacrificed.”

Consequently, the VA announced that the long wait is over since it is now accelerating claims that have been pending for a year or longer.

In a statement released by the VA Secretary, Eric Shinseki, he admitted that too many veterans have been waiting for too long for decisions to come and that the same has never been acceptable. Therefore, the VA is currently implementing an aggressive plan to eliminate the backlog by 2015. Furthermore, Shinseki understands that veterans are a special class of people who deserve benefits with outstanding delivery system that reflects the claimant’s long years of service and sacrifice for the country.

Incidentally, the pile of backlog claims clearly emphasizes a system that lacks efficiency, the lawyer herein agreed.