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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Woman Gets in Jail For Social Security Disability Fraud

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is very helpful for the people who are in dire need of financial assistance due to their disability. However, heartless and fraudulent individuals often take advantage on the only benefits that the disabled people have.

A 23-year old woman named Teri M. Mozingo was sentenced with 11 months imprisonment for Social Security disability fraud. The fraud happened during her time of employment of at Bios Corp., an organization dedicated for caring for people with developmental disabilities.

Mozingo started her fraudulent act when she was asked to switch the accounts of the claimants from checks to direct deposit into Bios trust accounts. Instead of depositing the checks into the Bios trust account, Mozingo deposited the money into her own personal account.

In her guilty plea, Mozingo admitted that while she was employed at Bios Corp., she took payments from 15 Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claimants within the stretch of Dec. 4, 2008 until fall of 2010.

To avoid getting caught, Mozingo deposited some of the money from one of her accounts into the Bios trust accounts and then created fraudulent accounting entries into the Bios’ record book.

Apparently, Mozingo thought of her plan very carefully from the beginning until the end. She even thought of a way to cover up her complex scheme. It was a very nice yet foolish idea. She didn’t even bother to realize the consequences if she’s ever been caught. It is true that some secrets cannot go unrevealed forever.

Mozingo was fired at Bios on September 2010 after the organization discovered her illegal act. Now, apart from her jail sentence, Mozingo is also required to pay a total of $58,889.93 in reimbursement still owed to Bios Corp. and she will be under the court supervision for three years.

Unfortunately, because of the little amount of money she got from her social security disability fraud, she was not only entitled for imprisonment but she also lost her job and is further required to pay almost double the amount she stole from the organization.