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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nomadic Sisters Finally Granted with Social Security Cards after Years of Being Denied

Two sister from Louisville, Kentucky who have been living for more than two decades without social security numbers and other credentials were finally granted with proper identities including social security cards.

The sister have been denied for several times by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in securing a social security number due to lack of supporting documents and identification references to present.

After being denied by the SSA for their social security number due to lack of proper documentation and identifications, the sister filed a lawsuit in federal court in 2009 to acquire needed certifications. On 2010, Circuit Judge John Knox Mills requested for a DNA tests to prove that the women are legitimate children of their parents.

In his order, Circuit Judge Mills wrote that the court does not find any reason for not believing in the women’s testimony. Thus, request has been granted giving the sisters the social security numbers which will give them access to the employment industry as well as Social Security Income for their future.

After year of being denied for securing social security cards, the sisters – Raechel and Stephanie Schultz who live in a tiny territory of Lily will finally receive their social security cards with hopes of obtaining jobs like bartending, jewelry making and old furniture repainting.

Raechel, 29-year-old, was born at their home in Madison County, Kentucky, while 23-year-old Stephanie was born at the back of a Dodge Van in Southern Alabama.

During the early stages of the women’s lives they were nomadic. They did not have any particular or permanent address. Their family travelled in different states and never stayed in one place. Additionally, they never attended school but instead their college-educated parents home-schooled them. You may always contact us, if you need the assistance of a Los Angeles Social Security Attorney.