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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Do SSA Claim Scammers Often Say?

With about seven million individuals receiving monthly benefits from the Social Security Administration, a total amount of more than $33 billion is being release annually. No wonder SSA scammers try to sneak a recipient’s SSA claims to the best they can.

Oftentimes, scammers will offer help to a recipient in filing SSA claims or sometimes will disguise themselves as social security representatives.

Below are the three key phrases that SSA claim scammers will often tell you:

• “This is for your SSA Records Updating Purposes” – it is the most common tactic that scammer use to get your Social Security details. Through phone call, letter or e-mail, scammers pretending to be a social security administration employee can easily get your social security number, birth date, account number and any information they need to steal your money. Keep in mind that legal SSA representatives will never reach recipients through e-mails.

• “We will give you bigger check but you must pay the filing fee first” – scammers offer great opportunities like getting you a bigger check and others. They will be more than willing to offer help in exchange for a filing fee. The Social Security Administration does not charge filing fees and if ever you think you deserve a higher benefit, you may file for an appeal by yourself at no cost.

• “Your tax refund is coming” – scammers urge you to file a new income tax return saying that you can get refunds for your lack of increase in SSA claims for a couple of years. There is really no refund. Their purpose here is only to get your social security personal details.

Filing for SSA claims may require a lot of efforts. Admittedly, the social security administration is allowing recipients, particularly the elderly and disabled to hire someone or sometimes a disability lawyer to help them but you must be sure that you’ve got the right person. It’s very important that you should know how to determine SSA scammers.