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Friday, November 25, 2011

Social Security Administration Once Again Achieved High Recognition

In the latest press release launched by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in its official website, they proudly announced that once again, the agency ranks as one among the top ten “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government”. SSA is at the sixth (6th) place of the top ten.

The recognition not only identifies the administration’s efficiency in providing quality workforce but also proves that they are committed to treating their employees as its most valuable asset.

Social Security Commissioner Michael J. Astrue expressed excitement for the recognition and said that he is very proud to be on the list again of the top ten “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government”. He is also proud of his employees who helped him achieve the appreciation that their administration had just received. He is very grateful as well that despite the obstacles that came their way through the years in service, his employees still bring out their best in supporting the administration.

The said recognition - awarded by the Partnership of Public service and American University’s Institute of the Study of Public Policy Implementation - was based on the results of the Official Personnel Management’s Federal Human Capital Survey. It is a government–wide assessment that determines the employees’ perception in the nature of their work.

The survey stimulates the agencies to establish an effective civilian workforce. It identifies the skills of both employer and employee in an agency and how they coordinate with each other to build an effective workforce. Of course to achieve this goal, employers must be a good leader and employees must be satisfied and dedicated to their jobs.

This is another great news from the Social security administration. Hopefully, in the next set of good news coming from the administration, maybe they can tackle about the beneficiaries and wage earners, particularly about the Social Security Disability. That will probably be the best good news everybody is waiting for.