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Friday, December 9, 2011

Coordinating VA Disability Benefits and Social Security Benefits

Helping disabled persons is part of a government’s major programs. Qualified individuals are entitled to receive certain amount of benefits based on his or her eligibility and needs, and as mandated by the law.

Veterans are absolutely entitled to receive both VA disability benefits and Social Security benefits once they reach the maximum age limit of 65. Under the law, the maximum limit of benefits that possible recipients can get is the combination of the VA disability benefits and Social Security benefits. However, they cannot get all the assistance offered by the two benefits. Therefore, they must first know how to coordinate the two before being entitled for both benefits.

Here are the tips in coordinating the two benefits:

• Choose where you want to apply first; either VA disability benefits or social security benefits.

• Wait for the decision regarding your first claim.

• Apply for the second benefit after the first one has been awarded to you. Be sure that you have written on your application form that you are currently receiving benefits from the other administration. This is for the purpose of computing the benefits to be awarded by the second administration to you since there is a limit regarding the matter that was set under the law.

• Again, wait for the decision regarding your second claim.

• Don’t forget to secure copies of your medical records from the Veterans Affairs since it is one of the requirements to be presented in the Social Security Administration when applying for the Social Security benefits.

• Don’t ever try to make any falsification on your application and other pertinent documents to collect more benefits than you deserve. Once you are caught lying by any or both of those two administrations, you will not only pay back the money you collected but you could also be prosecuted.

Now, you can enjoy both VA disability benefits and Social Security benefits. It might not be at its best limit but at least you’re enjoying both benefits. It’s so much worth for your long earned money.

For further details about the maximum limit of disability benefits, kindly visit the official website of Veterans Affairs at and Social Security Administration at