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Friday, December 16, 2011

Academy Award Winner Patty Duke Applied for Retirement Benefits on Her 65th Birthday

The Academy Award-winning actress Patty Duke has finally applied for her Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare benefits on her 65th birthday.

Duke has been famous since her childhood days for being a talented actress. She is known for playing a role in an eponymous sitcom for three years before progressing into more mature roles. She was also elected as the president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1985 to 1988.

In 1982, Duke was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, since then, she has devoted much of her time advocating and educating the public about mental health issues. In 1996, she was recognized and was ranked at the 40th place of TV Guide’s Top 50 Greatest Stars of All Time.

For three years, she has also volunteered her time promoting the online services of the Social Security Administration (SSA) in several public service announcements and media interviews.

Finally, on her 65th birthday, Duke and her husband applied for their Social Security benefits and Medicare benefits at home and in their pajamas through the online services provided by the Administration at

Duke, in the new online video shows a vision of what would be her situation years from now with her husband. After her acting career, definitely she and her husband would just enjoy every single moments with each other while receiving their SSA Claims.

In a press release from the SSA’s official website, the Administration’s Commissioner, Michael J. Astrue said that all of them at the agency are wishing Duke a very happy birthday. “She’s a Hollywood legend and an American treasure who reaches a very important milestone today. True to form, she is the one giving us the birthday present by showing her fellow baby boomers the easiest way to apply for benefits,” he added.

According to senior actress, she just applied for the social security’s retirement benefits and not retiring from being a spokesperson of the Administration. Up to present, she still keeps on promoting the SSA’s online services.