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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seniors and Healthcare Workers Contests Social Security Cuts

US seniors panic like stock investors.

Social Security Beneficiaries are also cramming to salvage remaining hopes on federal finances. Like the businessmen who want to retrieve their hard-earned money, these seniors made last-minute talks to federal personalities.

On Monday, healthcare workers have joined seniors on marching in front of US Representative Jason Altmire's office to protest against Social Security cuts, according to reports.

Reports said the rallyists lined in front of the legislator's office in Aliquippa and demanded repeal on the slashed Social Security budget. They also raised issues on the probable SS check delay on August.

The protesters aired concerns on the effect of SS cuts and check delays among retired and disabled members who rely mostly on the benefit for living allowance. They reiterated that suspending the benefits on August will push the beneficiaries to poverty.

However, the President's Chief of Staff William Daley reassured seniors on July 26 that the Treasury Department has made an emergency plan for meeting the SS August payables. He affirmed that Social Security beneficiaries can expect to receive their monthly allowances next month regardless of the default threat result.

For sure, the SS members can cling on to federal support until August. However, a probable default or fiscal trouble can cause changes to the direction of Social Security Administration (SSA). Beneficiaries will then be left with little assurance on steady support. The SSA may reduce the benefits or deny further claims.

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