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Monday, July 25, 2011

55,460 Employers Enroll in E-Verify System

The E-Verify system will soon take over employment screening in the United States.

As of June 22, at least 271,460 employers have enrolled in the E-Verify system compared to 216,000 in 2010. Both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA) are expecting to add about 1,300 more employers in the upcoming months.

The federal agencies boasted about the 11 million records that have been screened by the E-Verify System in fiscal 2011. The scanned documents will help trace 11 million illegal immigrants who are working or are looking for jobs in the country.

Critics contested that the E-Verify system may contain errors that can affect newly hired individuals. They claimed that the system should be improved to prevent unfair employment decisions. However, state legislators affirmed the system’s efficiency in screening foreign workers.

The increasing support on E-Verify has been linked to its legislation in various states including Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, and South Carolina.

The E-Verify system is expected to gain support from other states such as California, San Francisco, and New York in the next two years. These three states employ some of the 70 percent of illegal immigrants in the country.

The two federal agencies aim to implement the system throughout the country to enable a faster screening among laborers compared to the 1-9 work authorization system.

The system only requires employers to type the employee's date of birth, social security number, or visa number on the search tab to view government databases. The system then returns a tentative non-confirmation (TNC) or authorization notice.

If the employee receives the TNC notice, he or she has eight days to fix the discrepancy on his or her documents. If the employee fails to submit legal papers, the employer is required to terminate the employment contract.

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