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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disabled Man Denied Long Term Disability Benefits

Truth be told, insurance companies oftentimes try to evade payment of benefits to the insured or to his/her beneficiaries.

Very recently, the real story behind the article “Injured man paid for disability insurance but isn’t receiving benefits” once again proves this point.

It narrates the story of one Charles Resendez, a man who faithfully paid his insurance premiums only to be denied coverage and benefits in the end. It appeared that he became disabled and was unable to work because of a physical illness.

But, as usual, he was denied of the benefits by the long term disability insurer.

What Charles expected as money compensation now that he is suffering from disability has gone kaput – nada. His case, however, is not entirely unheard of. If its any consolation – no, it cannot, really – he is not alone.

Many insurance policy holders of long term disability insurance are experiencing this. Private insurers will promise them coverage in this and that disability only to renege in their promise come claiming time.

This practice just doesn’t sound right.

If you or a family member experienced this unfair practice, contact your long term disability attorney right away. Its common public knowledge how people generally think about claim lawyers, but not everyone is what you think he/she is.

You can fight these scheming insurers with the help of a lawyer. It will be worth it. “Your long term disability attorney can tell you your rights under the policy which your insurance company, in all probability, didn’t tell you about.”