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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Disability Claims Basic Principles

Browsing the internet, I have read so many articles stating the proper steps in disability claim application. Most of these write ups can be of great help for disabled workers, yet, some may only put their disability benefits imperil.

A successful claim can only be achieved if you were able to meet the requirements set by the law on Social Security. The basic principle is, your impairment must impede you from performing “substantial gainful activities” for a period of 12 months or such ailment is expected to cause your death. Other requisites will root on this.

Now, let me tell you my own list of tips in effectively pursuing a disability benefits claim.

  1. Have an evaluation of the type of job you are into. If you are still working after filing your disability claim, be sure that your earnings do not go further than the maximum amount allowed under Social Security.

  2. Consider having two or more physicians to check your medical condition. In this manner, you can have more experts to support your claim. There may also be a better possibility that the adjuster would believe that you are indeed disabled. Yet, you must be sure that your doctors all posses credibility.

  3. Document all your medical details. Write down the names and contact information of your doctors and hospitals where you have been treated. As I have mentioned earlier, the approval of your claim will depend mostly on your medical records. Without giving the list of your health care providers, the adjuster may not have the means of getting in touch with them.

  4. Have a detailed list of your previous and present work. Social Security requires all claimants to furnish a copy of their work history. If possible, accomplish this task in advance so that you may have enough time to think of your past jobs.

  5. Most of all, do not attempt to give any deceitful information about your conditions. Social Security has all the means to track down these illicit performances. Doing this will only cause the denial of your claim.
Finally, do not be afraid of getting a denial on your initial application, you may always appeal your case with a competent Social Security lawyer.