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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hitting the deadlines, a SSD Lawyer’s priority

It is a fact that Social Security Disability claim pursuit is a hard hurdle and not easy. A reflection of this generalization is the ever influx of disability or impairment claims denials.

With the stringent requirements in claim pursuit along with its periods, I can fairly say that disability claim per se is something that needs deliberate planning and preparation and heeding with SS Lawyer is a must wager.

One time when I was doing my paper work in my office, I stumbled upon an email coming from an unknown person (by the way, I usually get emails of this sort) whose message contained his discouragement from his disability claim endeavor. In the main, he related how upset he was regarding the status of his claim and frustrated at the long delays.

From the calls I get, different issues were raised and given attention. As I reflect then, I saw that common question raises issues on “delays”, that is, delay emanating from the Social Security Office as to their claim resolution and delay emanating from their own representatives in ventilating their claims.

The delay that emanates from representatives or law firms is the one I wish to comment on. No matter how busy a lawyer maybe, it is worth stressing that hitting the deadlines especially in Social Security disability claims pursuit is always a priority.

Every lawyer or law firm should have a solid calendaring system to insure that no deadlines are missed. Giving a run-around reply to clients is not a good practice especially that issues relating to deadlines is the number one topic in any malpractice case.

Lawyers should have the deadlines of their cases under control.