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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Disability Hearing Lawyers, Your Weapon Against Long Run Disability Hearing

“Aid long delayed”, the title of the news article reported in (The Columbus Dispatch), Sunday, July 20, 2008, written by authors, Alan Johnson, Catherine Candisky and Jonathan Riskind, related the story of a certain Gerald E. Cartee which up until now, has not receive his Social Security disability benefits. This story has bearings on the Social Security Disability Hearing growing complications.

Gerald E. Cartee, 57, of Worthington who worked as a medical records clerk until he became seriously ill about three years ago, has applied for Social Security disability benefits in July 2005. He has been wearing out of his application for benefits after Social Security Administration bureaucrats held to only update, and not resolve his case. He lamented and said, quoting, "You don't get anything out of them if you write or talk to them. It's like you're just another number."

Initially, the SSA held Cartee as not disabled, and that he can still work at his old job. He appealed the original determination, but the problem was that due to huge Social Security disability backlogs, Cartee along with thousands of other Ohioans benefit application are affected ending with holding back their benefit pursuits.

The author also laid related cases similar to Cartee that has now experiencing longer waits in their Social Security Disability Hearing and pursuits.

I share the same sentiments with Cartee and several others similarly situated and express concerns in their cloudy situations. As a lawyer practicing Social Security Law, I have handled like cases several times. Some of these cases where then pending and most are finally resolved.

All I can say on the aspect of long run Disability Hearing especially addressed to those who may have SS disability pursuit, is that, with the system that we have now, you cannot help but follow the rules thus laid and make good on your application. You can ask for representation and assistance of an adeptly qualified SS Disability Hearing Lawyers in these concerns to help you build viable and credible claims. They are your weapon for achieving what you desired and entitled under Social Security.