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Monday, May 26, 2008

Los Angeles Disability Lawyer’s view on the current disability laws

In an article entitled “Disabled and Waiting”, which comprise the CBS News investigation into Social Security disability benefits, in its part release, it related, that each year, that there are millions of people become disabled from an accident or disease. It continued that many of these disabled person, turn to the federal government for Social Security payments.

Following the investigation, it revealed the threatening situation that the supposed to be “safety net” for the disabled one may not be there in times of need. As the investigation goes on, it gives specific cases that support this contention of the failings of the SSA in giving out benefits to the rightful beneficiaries.

Specifically, one story from a fellow in Maryland relates that when he applied for federal disability, it was not given credence by the SSA, to be exact about it, it was turned down for finding him not disabled enough. For once, he appealed, but expectedly, it was turned down again, Crazy, isn’t it?

Not all that, as the investigation found, two out of three applicants for federal disability are rejected by the government agency tasked to implement this concerns. A revolutionary comment from critics says that the federal disability program is under funded, and the system is incapable of serving the exploding number of disabled Americans.

Obviously, the article embraced and raised several issues and concerns all relating to the federal disability programs failings as well as the issues of the growing number of people who become disabled.

Practically, all the stories related by the article as well as the information respecting the growing disability problems and the denials of application of Social Security application for benefits are really not new, much more, they are keep on reiterated and repeated.

These were the sad realities that every one of us, Americans, should be wary about and take concerns of.

As a Social Security Attorney myself, I am not happy with these events. In my advocacy in extending legal help to many claimants of these federally mandated benefits, I found that even up to now there are many people have no real inkling regarding these benefits.

I can still account that there are huge number application of SS benefits that have been turned down, not much on the merits but merely on technicalities.

Having these predicaments, which as many think, cannot be resolved overnight, the only sensible thing that people could do especially the claimants is to make good of their application. However, to do this is not simple as anyone can think. You can employ a Social Security Attorney to help you in these respects.

To my mind, the current disability laws are good enough to serve its purpose. The problem lies not only with the system implementation, lack of proper knowledge but also claim communication.