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Monday, May 26, 2008

SSI Overpayments

I have dig in an illuminating and informative article relating to supplemental security income overpayments. The said article has provided the basic things to know in reference to SSI overpayments.

On that score, I was obliged to give additional information regarding the concept of SSI overpayments.

To begin with, it would be worth to ventilate some basic concepts of supplemental security income.

As generally known, supplemental security income is a federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenues, not by Social Security taxes.

This is in contrast with the Social Security disability insurance program in reference to the source of funds.

It is designed to help aged, blind and disabled people who have little or no income at all and it provides cash to meet necessities like food, clothing and shelter.

Going back, the article has submitted material information, in the guise of a question and answer scheme, some relevant features of SSI overpayment procedures.

In detail, the said article expound on these respect:

1. Does the Social Security Administration take into consideration an individual's financial situation and status about paying the amount of Supplemental Security Income Overpayment owed?
2. What can be done if the Supplemental Security Income Overpayment amount is incorrect and if an individual is not really overpaid?
3. What are the documents that need to be presented in filing for a Request for Waiver?
4. I have received too much in benefits. How will the Social Security Administration recover this overpayment?

Interestingly, the said article has answered the foregoing query concisely, but accurately.

On my part, I would add some information in the same guise as the article have elucidated.

Here are some frequently asked questions that most SSI overpayment claimants seek to resolve.

1. How can I pay my overpayment?
You may pay an overpayment through the following means:
· By check, money order or credit card;
· by phone;
· by mail, in this wise refer to the mailing address to the directory; or
· In person at your local office.

2. What do I do if I disagree with the overpayment?
· If you disagree with the overpayment and want to dispute the same, you can file a request for review. Technically, this is coined as "appeal."
· The request for an appeal must be made in writing within 60 days from the date of the notice you receive sent you by the Social Security Administration. The 60-day period may be extended, under certain conditions.
· Relevant to filing an appeal, you may use the SSA form-561.

3. What happens if I don’t repay my overpayment?
If you don’t repay the overpayment, one or a combination of the following methods may be devised by the Social Security Administration:
· They can withhold your income tax refund, or
· Report you to a credit bureau,
· Ask your employer to withhold some of your wages, and
· Collect it later on from benefits if you become entitled again later.