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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Advocates Working on your Disability Insurance Benefits

Determining and establishing your eligibility for disability insurance benefits under the rules of the Social Security Administration can be so demanding. This is true for the majority of claimants who are trying their luck and pursue their respective applications.

I am just figuring out why most claimants must undergo terrible scenarios wherein they must endure the long wait and yet, arrive in the denial of the cases. All eligible workers must receive the disability benefits due to them.

For those who are still planning to file their applications with the SSA, better closely check on these questions before initiation your claim:

• Is your medical condition meets the definition of Social Security regarding disability?

• Have you acquired enough work credits by paying your Social Security taxes?

• Are you receiving other types of benefits from the SSA?

• Is your age enough to be eligible for retirement benefits?

• Is your condition covered under Social Security’s special rules?

As you can see, the Social Security rules and procedures on disability insurance benefits necessitate basic knowledge on its complicated provisions. Yet, the good thing is, the claimants are also given the option of hiring their own representatives in filing claim.

Thus, although appointing an attorney or non-attorney representative involves some amount of money, its advantages can be so rewarding. A fraction of your benefits is just too small compared to the amount of hardships that you may experience in filing and waiting for the decision of the adjuster.

There are lots of qualified Social Security attorneys in Los Angeles who can expertly provide their assistance. You just have to pick the most reliable representative and have your application going before the allowable period of filing prevents you from doing so.