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Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Hire a Social Security Lawyer

If you are in the process of pursuing for your Social Security disability benefits with yourself, I am more than half-sure that you are having a hard time. I may say that because of the fact that nearly two thirds of the total number of claimant’s petitions is being declined by the Social Security Administration. For whatever, reasons, I do suggest that you change your path and hire an experienced Social Security lawyer to assist you.

If you are still having some doubts, let me enumerate the some of the possible reasons why you need a reliable and competent ally to handle your claim.
  1. Even though, the SSA staff will assist you with the process, there are still probabilities that you will forget some of their instructions. Filing an incomplete set of requirements will cause you to delay.
  1. In some instances, disabilities may worsen due to performance of stressful activities. Your temporary illness, if not well taken cared of, may lead to permanent disability that may hinder you of doing your activities.
  1. Since you may not have a complete understanding of the Social Security rules and policies, you may not aware of the other benefits that you may be eligible for. A qualified representative may even increase your procurements because he has a wide knowledge and skills in handling these cases.
  1. There are some necessary documents and evidences of your incurred disability that are either hard to obtain. A lawyer’s assistance will definitely make it easier for you to have these requirements.
Now, if these things make sense to you and you do not want to risk your chance of winning your disability benefits, choose among the many legal professionals or law firms that specialize in Social Security matters. If not, better be ready for a long wait until your petition will finally be granted – if you are still alive then.