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Friday, November 16, 2007

Medical Evidence: The Key to Winning Claim

I just read a new article, “Social Security Disability and Medical Evidence” , posted in November 9, which highlights the importance of medical records as a strong point in winning a disability claim. Since disability cases are decided mainly based on medical evidence submitted by the claimant, it helps to have a medical record that contains the following information:

  1. The date when you were disabled
  2. The current state of disability according to the social security agency’s disability benefit criteria
  3. The ongoing state or condition of stability according to the agency’s definition of a disability

Added to this, medical records should also include the names of doctors, the health providers where you received treatment, and all their addresses.
The article also pointed the importance of medical evidence in the successful outcome of a claim.
  1. The common cause of delay and rejection in the initial stage of a claim is often due to the delay in the processing of medical records. Hence, a claimant should provide full and complete information on the medical treatment sources in his application.
  2. A medical doctor’s findings are more credible than other information given by other sources. For example, a chiropractor treatment is not considered a treatment source by the social security administration.
  3. You must speak to the doctor to gauge his level of support for the claim. Be sure that the restrictions and limitations imposed by your disability are mentioned in the medical statement.
In short, the article can help claimants how to prepare and present medical evidence to their advantage in pursuing claims.