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Friday, November 4, 2011

Hypersensitivity Identified as a Cause of Permanent Disability

Hypersensitivity is an unusual reaction of the body to a substance which does not commonly have any negative effect on the same. Reactions may be harmful, having a feeling of discomfort or sometimes can be fatal.

In Madrid, Spain, the labor court declared a college professor who suffered from chronic fatigue and environmental and electromagnetic hypersensitivity permanently disabled.

The said verdict which gives the professor its hundred percent of his base salary is one of its kind. This serves as a model for future cases of people with similar condition.

The Social Security Disbility Assessment Team (E.V.I.), identified in its clinical diagnosis: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and celiac diseases, environmental and hypersensitivity syndrome despite which released the patient’s incapacitation.

The criteria for granting of this degree by the National Institute provincial director was brought back into query by the Court Society of Madrid. It also recognizes the rights of an applicant to claim that it displays great challenges for the performance of their tasks “with proper level of professionalism and performance.”

Hypersensitivity, as most people know is simply an uncommon reaction of the body into something like electromagnetic substances. People don’t take it seriously since it source according to its own definition does not bring any harmful effect to the body. Sad to say, now there is a proven study that it is also one of factors that causes permanent disability.

Well, this case apparently being a pioneer is a great warning to people who are at a high risk of hypersensitivity. Though, qualified permanently disabled person may have a permanent disability claim, still, being capable to work on your own and have a healthy lifestyle is very a great blessing.