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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ex-LA Social Security Worker to Face 4 years of Jail Time for Identity Theft

Easy money.

This is how a former employee of Department of Social Services in Los Angeles would say of the $1.2 million-federal tax refunds he collected from Internal Revenue Services (IRS) using false Social Security numbers.

According to reports, Trang Van Dinh was sentenced to fours years of imprisonment for Identity theft and filing of false claims violations.

The LA District Court rendered the decision after four months of deliberation on Dinh's admission of the charges, reports said.

Dinh was able to retrieve the Social Security files of qualified members while working as eligibility staff for the agency. He used the information to assume the identity of 197 people and file federal tax returns. He then sought $2.2 million refunds from IRS, and the agency released $1.2 million.

To Dinh’s dismay, the Social Security Administration has recently implemented series of investigation on fraudulent claims. This million-dollar-refund case has caught the attention of austere Los Angeles officials and pursued him in court. Should the US have not experienced fiscal crisis, Dinh and other violators may have stolen more undetected.

LA residents could have been hoping that the recently-resolved identity theft case may at least restore SS benefits to qualified members. A $1.2 million additional fund for SS can go a long way on helping disabled, retired, and laid off workers.

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