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Monday, July 11, 2011

Allegheny County to Require E-Verify System

Next to South Carolina County to legalize E-Verify System use is the Allegheny County.

On Tuesday, the Allegheny County Council has agreed to require the use of E-Verify system among companies to detect undocumented workers, reports said.

Reports said the county has legalized the use of E-Verify in screening illegal immigrants. The state officials will mandate employers to assess new hires within three days. Failure to comply with the regulation may lead to suspension of business license.

The US Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration created the E-Verify system to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining employment in US, using fake social security documents, reports said.

E-Verify will require employers and job applicants to fill out the employment eligibility verification form (I-9) and submit it to the free online program. If results show that a worker is ineligible to work in the US, the employer may give him or her time to fix the discrepancy.

The county officials commented that the use of E-Verify system among companies will ensure that legal workers get priority application and that social security benefits will be given to them. The government then can facilitate better revenue collection system.

Sounds like the South Carolina County and the Allegheny County have their good reasons for implementing the E-Verify system. The program will help legal workers get the job and obtain government benefits. More so, the tax dollars will surely goes to the state and the US Treasury.

Nevertheless, the new regulation will cause difficulty for workers who have incomplete employment papers. The grace period may not also be enough to fix the inconsistencies on the social security documents.

Looking at both ends, the new state immigration law poses new challenges for the US workforce-- all for the sake of surviving the economic crisis.

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