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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Couple Admits Social Security Fraud, Denies 99 Criminal Counts

A couple pleaded guilty to Social Security fraud before a federal court on Monday.

Paula Luna Alvarez and Carlos del Carmen admitted failure to report and correct known Social Security discrepancies among the records of their employees. Federal Judge Ronald Whyte sentenced the couple to five years of probation.

The prosecutors commented that theSocial Security fraud is just one of the 100 criminal counts filed against the couple three years ago. Alvarez and del Carmen were charged with human trafficking, money laundering, and wire fraud.

In addition, the couple was said to be the owner of El Naranjo and El Mezquite Taqueria restaurants, which recruited undocumented Mexicans for employment.

However, the couple's defense lawyers commented that the federal judge found no sufficient evidence for the 99 allegations and dropped them. Also, the couple was only facing liability for the employees’ supplication of false SS numbers.

E-Verify appear to be a possible way of tracking different violations. With its use, the government can detect employers who are allowing employees to tamper their Social Security identification. In addition, it can also help in locating employees who have no legal papers.

However, when bulk of illegal workers were arrested and detained/deported, the government will likely face hostile reaction from neighboring countries. This can be the next problem that the Obama administration will have to deal with. So far, the series of investigations on undocumented employees are bringing positive hope among legal US job applicants.

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