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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Speed up Your Application for Disability Benefits

Incurring a disability limits a person’s ability to work and, therefore, earn income for his needs. So, disabled persons avail of the disability benefits to support themselves as managed by the Social Security Administration.

The agency handles around 3 million claims each year. Because of this, the process of determining your ability to work, disability, and eligibility can take months which delays the much-needed benefits for one’s food, shelter, and clothing.

To hasten your claims for insurance benefits, here are things you can do:

• Gather as much medical evidence as you can to prove your disabling medical condition. This way, the agency won’t have problems in locating your medical records and determining that you are disabled

• Sign a consent indicating that you are allowing the agency to retrieve information about your condition and work history so that it will be easier for them to verify the data you’ve provided

• Attach only the copies of original medical records and other documents as these things have a way of getting lost while your claim is being processed. By doing so, you can readily present copies of them in case the agency losses the one you send them.

• Indicate the names, addresses, and contact information of your doctor, medical and treatment facilities, as well as your former employers so that the agency can reach them immediately to confirm the information you’ve given them

It is always best to be prepared when filing claims for disability benefits so have these things in order.

Go to to know more on how you can easily apply online for disability benefits.