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Friday, March 25, 2011

SSDI: Increasing the Chances of Approval

Workers pay social security taxes for many reasons - to prepare for their retirement, as insurance coverage when they meet an accident or when they become disable and unable to work and earn income.

Aside from this, one of the reasons why they pay social security taxes is because certain family members who are disabled will also be eligible for the said benefits.

Unfortunately, not all of these applications for benefits are approved on initial filing, which delay the much-needed benefits of a person whose ability to earn income has been taken away.

To help them, here are some tips to ease the application/appeals process:

• Submit necessary documents (i.e. work history, proof of payment of taxes, medical charts and diagnosis) to prove your eligibility. Remember to submit only copies of these documents as they can get lost as your appeals/application id being processed.

• Cooperate with the personnel handling your case by immediately responding to their requests and queries. Also, it will help a lot if you let them contact your doctor and other people who can verify your disability.

• Maintain a good relationship with your doctor as he may be contacted by the agency to verify your condition and your inability to work. Your physician’s assessment of your condition matters so treat them well.

• Follow-up on your case every once in a while.

The process of filing an appeal often takes a lot of time and effort. A disabled person should hire the services of an advocate or a legal expert whose knowledge of the processes involved in applying for the social security disability benefits will help his client.