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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Public Hearing on Compassionate Allowance for Autoimmune Disease Held

Compassionate allowances are provided by Social Security Administration to applicants of benefits whose condition are severe and require immediate medical treatment. But, for these beneficiaries to be provided with compassionate allowance, they must have a disability that is apparent and clearly qualifies as a disability.

Commissioner Michael J. Astrue has recently held a public hearing on compassionate allowances for people with autoimmune disease.

The hearing is attended by some of the world’s leading experts on autoimmune disease to discuss possible ways to identify the disease and provide Compassionate Allowance to children and adults carrying the disease.

According to reports, there are about 20 million people all over the nation who has autoimmune disease. The 7th public hearing is aimed at better ways to identify the disease and to accelerate the application process of its carriers.

This way, according to Astrue, they can alleviate and somehow help carriers and their family who battle financial burdens because of it.

Hopefully, the hearing has provided better information about autoimmune disease which particularly affects women and children.