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Monday, September 28, 2009

Worsening Social Security Disability Claims

The economic downfall has caused the increased in disability applications. In 2008, the Social Security Administration (SSA) received two and a half million disability applications. This happened before the current recession became indisputable. In this year up to 2010, SSA sensed that disability applications would reach up to 3 million.

The sudden increase in disability applications was due likely to unemployment. This was because workers who have functional limitations continued to work either because they failed to find accommodation from their employers or have been able to grind out a niche that protects them from the job-limiting effects caused by their functional limitations.

However, when they company closes and they are seeking new employment, they realize that acquiring gainful and substantial employment has not been possible.

The increase in disability applications has augmented the increasing social security disability backlogs or pending claims. Various economists speculated that outlook for disability claims processing may get worse regardless of whether the U.S. economy succumb to “L” type recession or a “W” double-dip recession.

Certainly, the effects of recession would be here to stay for at least two years. For workers, these may be an added toll on their already burdensome life.

Should one wants to know more on how to minimize the effects of recession, getting the services of an employment attorney is encouraged. Moreover, for those who want to apply for disability claims or have pending disability applications with the SSA, hiring a disability lawyer is an advantage.