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Friday, September 4, 2009

Effects of State to State Transfer on Approved Disability Claims

Since Social Security is a federal agency, claimant’s move from one state to another will not affect the benefits rendered in his favor. However, the claimant must furnish the agency with valid address and phone number each time he moves.

A move never sparks off any kind of disability review. Review takes place as early as the initial approval of the disability claim. Upon approval, a diary date will be set for review.

There are cases, however, that trigger review. The most common cause is work activity. If claimant’s work activity is beyond the substantial gainful activity (SGA) earning amount, he should report it to the Social Security so he will not be overpaid.

Be as it may, work activity rarely causes more than a work review unless the claimant has been working continuously at an SGA level.

For those receiving Supplemental Security Disability Income (SSDI), benefits may decrease. The reduction would not be made by the Social Security but due to a decrease in state subsidy. This happens when the claimant moves from a state that has a subsidy to a state that has no subsidy. Consequently, he will lose the money coming from the state he comes from.

For other concerns, you may consult a Social Security disability attorney to enlighten you on the matter.