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Friday, February 6, 2009

Impractical Alternative to Social Security Disability

In applying for Social Security Disability, documents such as medical records are extremely important. Applicants are made to produce the oldest to the current documents to substantiate your claim for disability. These documents would determine if the applicant has disability and hence qualify for benefits.

For new applicants, these documents are readily available. They could easily retrieve their medical records. The problems lie with those whose applications are on appeal.

Due to the tedious and lengthy process involved in Social Disability claims, claimants who apply for disability and have entered into an appeal process no longer have access to medical care. Consequently, medical records and other pertinent records are no longer available.

For some disability examiners, consultative medical exams are scheduled to determine if applicants are qualified. Social Security medical exams are given to those who are no longer covered by medical insurance or no money to pay for medical care.

It is personally depressing to know that most applicants lack the necessary medical records or are poorly documented because they either lack health insurance or could no longer visit s doctor.

COBRA could be an alternative for those who eventually loss their medical insurance as they are out of work because of their disability. However, it is not advisable and practical because it is very expensive. For people who already lacked financial sources, paying for it is the least of their priority.

So it makes me think now, where would these applicants go? What would be their best alternative? I think the current system needs a little polishing.