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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Social Security Accepts Bipolar Disorder Applications

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder, a psychiatric condition but feels psychological by experience. The patient experiences recurrent episodes of dramatic disturbance in mood, from debilitating depression to unbridled passion. The disorder distorts emotions and thoughts and destroys rationality. Bipolar disorder is biological, clinical studies show abnormal secretion of fluid in the brain yet by experience feels emotional. It incites alarming behaviors and erodes hope or drive for life.

Because of the disorder’s symptoms, people tend to brush it off and dismiss it. People were not emphatic - there is a dangerous misconception that Bipolar Disorder is simply part of an individual’s personality but in reality, it is a long-term illness that must be managed carefully throughout a person’s life.

In the past, such disorder was difficult to diagnose but through time experts were able to collect data and understand what Bipolar Disorder really is. The detrimental effects of the disorder were proven facts and these appear to have a huge impact in one’s life. Thoughts of suicide are typical and bouts of incapacitating depression sprouts every once in a while. Because of this Social Security accepted Bipolar Disorder as a legal disability.

According to this article "Bipolar Disorder and Disability Benefits", disability applications which are filed based on bipolar disorder may either or both be because mental health professionals are more able in recognizing the disease and/or because family members are more emphatic and understanding of bipolar disorder.

As I’ve said earlier, the ambiguity of bipolar disorder makes patients try to ignore the symptoms regardless of how difficult it should be. They try living a normal life because people push them to do so. They feel isolated and more depressed because people think it will be preposterous if they let the symptoms affect their lives.

With the evident rise of disability applications based on bipolar disorder, it only goes to show that the disease is now more acceptable in society. The term manic-depressive has a stigma and the new term makes the disease sound more neutral. Now that there are so many applications based on the disease and especially that diagnosis is based on the person’s self-reported experiences, Social Security Administration is very strict about its approval therefore social security disability attorneys play a huge part in assisting bipolar patients into receiving benefits because they totally deserve it.