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Friday, September 13, 2013

Obama to Bring Good News to Disabled Veterans

Image gives credit to CBS News.
A few weeks after President Barack Obama announced that his administration has finally reduced the overwhelming backlog of disability benefit claims, he is about to bring the good news now to disabled veterans.

According to recent news reports, the president plans to discuss the good news on Saturday before the Disabled American Veterans’ convention to be held in Orlando, Florida. In addition, he likewise plans to talk about other issues related to veterans and troops and how they could earn a college degree or even a high-skilled job.

Also, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s wife Jill are expected to take part in the event. As we all know, the two are leading a country wide effort to rally public support for military families. 

For months, the outgrowing backlogs of disability benefit claims for compensation for illness and injury caused by military service has been a main concern for veterans.

Fortunately, the current administration has finally made it easier for veterans who were victims of Agent Orange defoliant to get the benefits they deserve.

Apparently, the backlog has been recently reduced after the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) required claims processor to work overtime and transition to a new computer system to help speed the judgment of claims. From about 780,000 pending claims before, the same was reduced to approximately 500,000 pending claims now.

A claim that has been up in the system for 125 days or roughly four months is already considered backlog.

Consequently, the Disabled American Veterans organization, which aids veterans in accessing benefits, lauded the current administration for addressing the rapidly growing number of disability benefit claims. Meanwhile, a Los Angeles permanent disability lawyer is also grateful that the administration is really putting an effort in speeding up the claim process.