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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Most Frequently Asked Question: Is It Legal for Employers to Ask for Job Applicant’s Social Security Number?

Due to the disturbing news that broke regarding the compromised Social Security numbers of several big personalities including the U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama just a week ago, common questions about safeguarding one’s Social Security number are currently taking the center stage.

These past few days, people have increasingly asked questions specifically about the privacy of their personal information during job applications that are usually kept by potential employers.

Generally, a lot of employers nowadays ask for job applicants to provide their social security information along with other personal information for background checking purposes before proceeding to an interview and hiring process. Since most of the U.S. states do not have comprehensive laws on what information can only be requested from applicants during application, Social Security number leakages are expected to continue

Consequently, a Los Angeles disability lawyer finally clears the ambiguity behind commonly asked question on personal information confidentiality. In his statement, he clarifies that although there is no law that prohibits private employers or companies from asking for applicants’ Social Security or driver’s license number, applicants on the other hand have the right to decline such private information requests. However, the sad part here is that most employers prevent an applicant from moving to the next level of hiring process if such info were not provided.

If you really have no provide your personal information, the best way to do that is to carefully check out the companies where you intent to submit it. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that you always have a choice whether to disclose it or not to anyone suspicious, noted by the experts.