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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Who is the New SSA Acting Commissioner? Her Qualifications and Career History Revealed

A few weeks after the former SSA Commissioner Michael J. Astrue announced that he will be stepping down from his position, the Social Security Administration (SSA) finally revealed its new acting Commissioner through its official press release web page.

On February 14, the SSA has finally appointed its new acting Commissioner, Carolyn W. Colvin, who on December 22, 2010 has been confirmed by the United States Senate as President Barack Obama’s nominee. She was then a Deputy Commissioner that time. She had also served as a trustee to the Social Security Board of Trustees.

Accordingly, throughout her career, Colvin has managed several programs that assist people with their healthcare and financial needs. In fact, she previously held some of the executive positions at Social Security Headquarters. See details below:

•    Deputy Commissioner for Policy and External Affair – from 1994 to 1996
•    Deputy Commissioner for Programs and Policy – from 1996 to 1998
•    Deputy Commissioner for Operations – from 1998 to 2001

Moreover, before returning to SSA, Colvin’s previous records revealed some of her significant role in the society. Kindly see below:

•    Director of Human Services for the District of Columbia – from 2001 to 2003
•    Director of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services – from 2003 to 2007
•    Special Assistant to the Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Transportation – from 2009 to 2011

In addition to her humanitarian services, she also served at Maryland’s Department of Human Resources as the Secretary way back in 1989 until 1994.

Moreover, in her time of service, she has received numerous remarkable awards and recognitions for her managerial expertise and innovativeness. Her achievements include Maryland’s Top 100 Women from the Daily Record and the Women of Achievement Award from Suburban Maryland Business and Professional Women in 2005. She likewise served on different boards in Commission including the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare according to report.

Apparently, the newly appointed acting commissioner has really spent her entire career serving those people who are in need of extra special care and support from the federal government. Therefore, many Los Angeles social security claim lawyers never even doubted the new acting commissioner’s capacity when in delivering quality humanitarian service. Hopefully, her years of expertise in the same field will make her even more efficient head of the federal agency.