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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keeping Up Your Social Security Disability Benefits

The social security disability benefit is a program created to provide medical care and financial assistance to those who cannot pursue on their job due to disabling condition.

However, being awarded with social security disability benefits doesn’t necessarily mean that you may have the benefit during your entire lifetime. Basically, your claim may come for review in the future.

A case review usually comes up in as early as eighteen months. This can typically happen particularly in cases where it seems like the condition is more possibly to improve in the very near future through surgery or proper medical treatment. 

Therefore, in order to keep your disability benefits, it is important to keep on seeing your doctors regularly. It is strongly recommended to see a doctor at least every three months in order to maintain regular treatment. Incidentally, there are probably several doctors in your state who charge a reasonable amount or offer their services for free.

Actually, it takes only one thing and it is to regularly see your doctor since the Social Security Administration (SSA) wants to know that disabled people are trying to get better. However, a Los Angeles social security disability firm enumerated several important things that should go after the major step in maintaining a disability benefit.

Recipients must always remember to:

•    See your doctor on a regular basis or as much as every three months.

•    Follow your doctor’s orders like taking your medicines and getting x-rays and blood tests.

•    Consult or talk seriously about the pros and cons of any suggested surgery or medical procedures.

•    Inform your doctors about certain changes or any physical symptoms you may be experiencing, if there is any; and whether it is for better or for worse. If there are no changes, let your doctor know it as well.

•    Avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol use. SSA is also on its way, tracking whether you are doing anything that could possibly harm your health or worsen your condition.

Keep in mind that if your condition has not improved to the extent where you would not be able to return to your usual job and you have maintained regular treatment as enumerated above, there is no other reason to lose your disability benefits during reviews.