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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rep. Allen West Calls Social Security Disability as ‘Modern Slavery’

In his statement on Sunday, Florida Repubican Rep. Allen West said that the Social Security Disability Insurance is a form of modern slavery.

According to West in his interview with the Fox News, as of June 2009, some 2.4 million jobs in private sectors have been created. However, the country has a total of 3.1 million people leaning to social disability. In addition, as noted just last month, some 85,000 in fact turn to Social Security disability as compared to 80,000 jobs created.

West believes that the current administration is only creating a sense of economic dependence, which is a form of modern slavery.

As of this moment, the total number of workers receiving disability benefits has reached more than 8.7 million. In fact, the number exceeded the total number of population of New York City by more than 500,000.

It can be recalled that on West’s indictments a couple of weeks ago, he used the same term “slave” when he described President Barack Obama’s desire of making Americans to be his slave and to become economically dependent on him.

West explained that self-esteem comes from doing admirable things. Sitting at home while waiting for the SSDI check from the government won’t bring out a person’s self esteem. Hence, as a result, people would simply rely on the economy and be a slave forever, according to reports.

Furthermore, West also expressed his displeasure on the economic vision laid out by the current republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. It had been actually voiced out by other conservatives in the past few weeks.

Based on West’s statements, which mainly tackle the growing issue of rapidly increasing number of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) dependents, he believes that Americans should probably seek for someone with an exceptionality and distinctiveness to rule over the country towards better economy.

Meanwhile, a Los Angeles social security disability lawyer, although closely monitoring every details of the story, remains discreetly believing that Americans have their ways to determine which one would save them from the economic upset.