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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Common Mistakes to Avoid after a Social Security Disability Income Denial – Part I

Usually, applications for the Social Security Disability Income are denied during the first time of filing.

Social Security Disability Income application can be denied for several reasons. It can be a hard disappointment, but it is important to take note that one should never give up if denied for the first and instead, file and pursue an appeal.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that applicants should avoid after their SSDI application was denied:

• Giving up. Always remember that you should never give up in filing for a SSDI. An applicant may consider denial as a natural occurrence in filing for the SSDI application; but, keep in mind that SSDI is a program that requires every applicant to meet certain guidelines and undergo a process.

• Missing the appeal deadline. An applicant who has been denied for the application often misses the deadline for filing an appeal. Though the appeal process is lengthy, it would provide more opportunity to provide additional points to your claim.

• Preferring not to appeal. Choosing not to file for an appeal simply means that you are giving up at an early stage of a fight. It is well within your rights to file for an appeal once the application for SSDI has been denied; hence, you should seize the opportunity to pursue your application.

• Not providing enough details. Most of the time, applicants fail to provide enough information about their mental or health status and its effect on their job performance.

• Wasting time on the previous decision. Instead of wasting your time arguing the previous decision or trying to correct a previous mistake, it’s better to file for an appeal and just use it as an opportunity to add details and better explain a claim.

These are just some of the most common mistakes that applicants often do during denials of their SSDI claims. Further details about the most common mistakes done by most applicants can be seen on this blog’s next post a week after this.

The Social Security Disability Income program is a very helpful program for disabled people who need financial assistance. In the said program, a petitioner can be a retiree, a disabled individual, or a representative. In case of death, the surviving family may file the application to avail of the benefits due the deceased member.