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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Mexican Citizens Charged with Social Security ID Fraud

The US government is serious on eradicating illegal aliens in the country. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has updated its system in tracing false documents. Identity fraud seems to be the fastest way to experience a federal trial nowadays.

Such is the situation of two Mexican citizens who were facing identity theft charges after submitting fake papers for employment, according to reports on Sunday.

According to reports, Juan Pablo Sotelo-Castro and Jose Luis Morones-Garcia have used tampered Social Security cards when they settled and applied for work in Iowa and Illinois.

Authorities filed identity theft and other charges against both men in US District Court in Cedar Rapids on Sept. 20. Sotelo-Castro and Morones-Garcia were detained awaiting trial.

Using tampered Social Security cards just to comply with employment requirements may give you temporary cash, but result in a series of legal mishaps in the near future. The government is more sophisticated nowadays with its E-Verify system and updated database so it’s almost impossible to get away with the crime.

If you are not yet caught with your identity fraud, better correct your employment papers and face the penalties to avoid longer jail time. The authorities may reduce your charges when you take the initiative to correct your acts.

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