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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grandmother Faces Restitution and Probation Sentence for Social Security Scam

Do not mess with Social Security Administration (SSA).

This is the message that SSA wants to convey to beneficiaries at the height of Social Security screening times.

For the past months, Social Security has imposed stringent screening among members regarding unusual accounts; Cases of identity and tax frauds surface throughout the country. One of the latest violation detected is Dixie Yvonne Spears' illegal taking of $15,743 worth of benefits.

According to reports, Spears, 71 years old, continued to receive benefits on behalf of her grandchild from January 2008 to February 2010 though the later was no longer living with her. The SSA figured out the fraud and filed lawsuit against her. She was sentenced to pay $8,658.30 as remaining amount for restitution and $1,100 as penalties.

Spears will face 10 years of imprisonment if the probation is revoked, reports said.

Failure to report discrepancy in your Social Security account may cause legal trouble such as the above case. It will be better for beneficiaries to alot time in processing the correction than undergoing SSA’s litigation.

The SSA mandates beneficiaries to inform the agency on overpayments or changes in member status. This helps the agency to adjust the benefits ahead of time to avoid future legal problems. Failure to abide with SSA’s policy on overpayment may result to legal consequences such as restitution and imprisonment.

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