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Friday, August 12, 2011

SOCIAL SECURITY LAW: Rep. Doris Matsui to Grace Social Security 75th Anniversary in Sacramento

Social Security will reach its 75th year of assisting the elderly, the young orphans, and the disabled on Sunday. To commemorate such significant mark in the history of US, government officials take part in gracing various senior center events. An upcoming ceremony will be conducted in Hart Senior Center in Sacramento, reports said.

According to reports, Representative Doris Matsui will grace the event on Friday along with the officials from the Social Security Administration, California Alliance for Retired Americans, and the Gray Panthers. The speakers will also discuss new developments in Social Security for the next two years.

The Hart Senior Center will give free cakes and coffee to the public, reports said.

In a way, Social Security has reached a milestone in providing assistance to needy citizens with its continuous benefit programs. Recently, the Social Security has survived the threat of fiscal default, and has assured beneficiaries of prompt payments. Federal officials have also affirmed their commitment to prioritize the disabled, retirees, and children of deceased workers.

However, such landmark on caring for the poor may not be impressive for the next couple of months: The Social Security Administration (SSA) may find itself competing for funds amidst the fiscal crisis. Beneficiaries may content themselves on investing the monthly allowances to secure future medical needs. These can mean tight austerity measures as well as creating other sources of income.

The future of Social Security may sound victorious on its 75th anniversary, but after the cheers have been said; reality will sink back and show how defeated the US is. With the clear indications of stock losses and investment decline, it is about time that federal officials realize the AA+ status of US.

Cheers for good health. That is all for this week’s celebration of Social Security’s diamond anniversary.

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