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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Woman Faces Social Security Fraud Charges

Many people rely on their Social Security benefits to provide them with compensation in times of their disability or retirement. But in order to receive these benefits, they have to pay social security taxes or meet certain requirements.

A woman was recently held on fraud charges after she stole different names and identities in order to avoid paying up social security taxes as she received disability benefits.

Cynthia Gudger faced fraud charges after authorities found a Disability Report Adult in 2001 which shows Gudger applied on a different name, “Lynda Cole”, and stated a different social security number in order to claim disability benefits. By doing so, she was able to embezzle a total of $22,181 in Supplemental Security Income Benefits.

Aside from this identity, she also used other names to unlawfully collect benefits and so she is now indicted on five counts of Social Security fraud.

On the end of SSA, they also have been unable to correctly verify the identity of 61-year-old Gudger. Many disability claims of rightful claimants are denied while some who wrongfully steals the identity of another, like in the case of Gudger, are granted of their claims.

Those whose claims have been rejected by the SSA, they still have a shot at receiving benefits by correctly following the appeals process with the help of a skilled Social Security Attorney.