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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Senate Rejects $250 Stimulus Checks

Millions of disabled and elderly people rely on social security checks to provide them with their much needed income to meet their daily needs.

Though regularly receiving benefits, some still complain that they are not getting enough resources to meet their basic needs especially at this time of crisis.

To address this, President Barrack Obama has asked the Congress to approve the $250 social security checks to be distributed to some 57 million veterans, disabled, and elderly.

However, the Senate defeated this measure which would have added $13 billion to the pending $108 billion job-creating package.

The measures was approved by Congress as a part of $862 billion stimulus package as the social security benefits of the disabled and elderly was noted to remain the same this year.

For the disabled, they can file claims under the two programs implemented by the Social Security Administration. If they have completed payments for their social security taxes, then, the worker and some of his family members may be entitled to benefit in the Social Security disability insurance program.

For those who have limited income, elderly or disabled, they can file claims for Supplemental Security Income benefits. SSI claimants do not need to pay social security taxes as the funds for this program comes from general taxes.