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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Withdrawal of Disability Benefits

Just like any other benefit, disability benefits are not eternal. There are conditions which will operate to terminate or suspend it.

If you become eligible for disability, you will be given a nine month trial work period where you can earn without limit. This period can occur any time within the 5 year period. Moreover, the trial work period does not have to be consecutive.

It should be noted, though, that claimants could continue receiving their benefits after a continuing disability review (CDR).

A CDR is required by law such that Social Security Administration (SSA) will review your case from time to time to verify if you are still disabled. The SSA will inform you of the review and your benefit status as well. You will responsible for informing the SSA of your improved medical condition.

Disability benefits are conditional meaning when conditions for entitlement cease to exist as shown in CDR, the benefits could be withheld. Hence, if you are no longer disabled as your medical condition has improved or you can already return to work, benefits will be stopped.

However, mere returning to work will not automatically deny your benefits. Your average earnings must be substantial to stop your benefits. This year, average monthly earnings of $980 or $1,640 for blind are considered substantial.

If you want to know more about disability benefits, engaging the services of a Social Security lawyer is advised to enlighten and inform you about it.