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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backlogs to Prolong Claimants Agony

In its natural process, Social Security claims are already time consuming by itself. In fact, it takes months and even years to approve a claim, not to mention the appeal or reconsideration included therein.

If you say that appeals or reconsiderations are the only barriers to your claim, then you are wrong.

The Social Security disability hearings backlog is taking a toll on a previously slow system of Social Security claims.

The National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) urged those who have been affected by the backlog to speak with their Senators and House Representatives.

NOSSCR is committed to provide the highest quality representation and support on behalf of persons seeking Social Security and Supplemental Security Income.

Backlogs surrounding Social Security have not been explained fully. Some say because of lack of manpower which I think has a simple solution – hire people. Certainly, it made the current condition even worse.

With the threat of foreclosure, worsening health, homelessness, bankruptcy or family disintegration, benefits from the system would surely go a long way.

NOSSCR advised claimants to attend the Congressional hearing this March 12 and share their stories.

Government has the power to change and cure this backlog problem. By sharing your stories, they would be apprised of how bad it is.