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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New ALJ’s to Resolve Social Security Backlogs

Following the examples stated in an article about the connection of marriage and Social Security benefits, a person having an eligible spouse may say; my future is secured. This is what exactly what Social Security aims to do, to make sure that all Americans will have their financial resources despite their unemployment or loss of a family provider.

Ever since and through the efforts of the Social Security Administration, the government has been providing financial assistance to the survivors of employees who died for whatever reasons. Yet, many still are having some difficulties regarding their applications for Social Security Survivors Benefits program.

It may not be new to you that the SSA may take more than a year to decide with a single application. This happens mainly because of the inability of the SSA to cope up with the growing number of Social Security claimants. Consequently, many benefits applications take long period to be decided upon.

However, in a statement released by the SSA last February, the government has begun opening its doors for new Administrative Law Judges as their initial plan in resolving Social Security backlogs. I just hope that this step will work for the advantage of the claimants.

As for the claimants, I certainly advise them to hire their representatives for them to have well-organized applications. Again, most Social Security Survivors benefits claims fail to gain positive results due to the applicants’ failure to present their qualifications and provide proper documents.

A credible Social Security lawyer has the capability of managing this type of endeavor and make sure that all the procedure are being pursued properly.